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Hey Guys,

As we approach the 7500 member mark, I'd like to thank you all for keeping this community going!

That being said, there is an extremely large number of you using our layouts. Please make sure you are crediting us for your layouts. This can be done with a banner in your userinfo. They can be found here. All YOU have to do is copy/paste the image code into your userinfo. Easy, no?


Please help make my job easier! If you see/have seen someone using one of our layouts, please alert me! I will keep this link posted, and you can respond (anonymously, if you like) and tell me where our layouts are being used without credit. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can also im me on aim @ dannyell forhelp (note; i will not be doing requests/fix your layout for you). Although some of you may not understand why we ask for credit, it generates a lot of traffic to the community and we (the makers) enjoy receiving all of your lovely compliments.

Thank you for your time! ♥
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