mcstupid with a side of idiot (jaysus) wrote in 0_layouts_4_pie,
mcstupid with a side of idiot

taking one layout request

Ok, so I'll be taking ONE layout request!!! :D Tell me exactly what you want, and the first person who cmnts here gets to have it. Anyways, if you would like a graphic made as well, that's fine, pick a photo and tell me exactly what kind of effect you want on you want it more light, or more dark, do you want the skin brighter...or...whatever. If you can provide an example of a certain icon coloring technique that would be great (as well as brushes and textures). Just don't post a picture up and say, "umm...can you plz lyke make it all cool and all111!!!" because you have to remember that we might have different taste, and what I think is cool or looks good may look horrible to you, k? Also, try to find a high quality picture, because...well...then they turn out better :)

Use this form:

don't remove the b's!
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