abc dee (dannyell) wrote in 0_layouts_4_pie,
abc dee


who's still active?
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I still am...I just, have had NO time to do any layout making. College is a bitch and I thought Christmas vaca would give me some time, but alas, it hasn't, and I go back the 7th. But I'll definitely try to be less inactive.
oops - this is xo_testing_ox on my personal lj...

anyway...workin' on one right now...but i echo forgethissmile w/ the whole college (and work) thing has been leaving me with minimal layout time.....trying to do something when i can, tho.
yeah, i totally understand.
i've been back at university since wednesday...and im already overwhelmed.
I am.
I'm just having trouble getting ideas for layouts.
me, just school is catchin up, and im working on s2's but they arent working
they are trickyyyy
yes, im about to just stop making them
...ummm.... :/ I'm gonna post every now and then... :/ sorry
it's alright; we're all busy.
just try your best :)