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Hey Guys,

As we approach the 7500 member mark, I'd like to thank you all for keeping this community going!

That being said, there is an extremely large number of you using our layouts. Please make sure you are crediting us for your layouts. This can be done with a banner in your userinfo. They can be found here. All YOU have to do is copy/paste the image code into your userinfo. Easy, no?


Please help make my job easier! If you see/have seen someone using one of our layouts, please alert me! I will keep this link posted, and you can respond (anonymously, if you like) and tell me where our layouts are being used without credit. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, you can also im me on aim @ dannyell forhelp (note; i will not be doing requests/fix your layout for you). Although some of you may not understand why we ask for credit, it generates a lot of traffic to the community and we (the makers) enjoy receiving all of your lovely compliments.

Thank you for your time! ♥
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hey girl, i realized that i didn't do proper credities (in my old layout i had a credit link just to your private journal cause i hope it from your le_ journal) but anybenny, link is now in the info. i can finally sleep at night.

xo ;)
i am asking this because 2 of my friends have used layouts from a specific user...who happen to post them here do they still need the banner? i mean they credited the person who made the layout and because i am a member of this community their post was on my friends page when the layouts were posted to the community. Just curious i sposr they could use a banner that isn't giving credit to the community but advertising it.
If they got the layout from here, they should be crediting this community. If you're not sure, just credit the specific user. advertising is always nice :P
i believe the layout i am using was found in this community maybe not i dunno but i credited the maker
yeah, it looks like you got it from here.
Where did you credit? I don't see it
when i snagged the layout it said credit: already done i didn't realize the person who sent me the codes had got it from here but here i will pull up the post.

this is straight (uses term loosely) from my friends livejournal friends page....

if you would like me to put a banner up i can not a big deal....the reason i didn't was because of this....Credit: It's Already in there.
i put a banner in my user info
thanks :)
ps. your layout will work properly if you change your layout style to "GENERATOR"
I would really like to add the banner to my info page... seeming how I'm supposed to .... but I'm really unsure of how exactly to do it. If you could possibly help me, it'd be much appreciated.
=] thanks.
I think this is a wonderful community. To just advertise I just add one of your banner's to my user info right? I also have gj account am I able to advertise there? I have a bunch of friends there who also have a lj I was thinking that mayhaps it would be a good idea?? Let me know what you think..thanks ~Jill
hey, i dunno if u do requests or not. but if u get bored and u wanna do me a huge favor...can u make me a layout with the band Lifehouse on it? ive seen some of ur other layouts and they are so awesome, so i thought id ask the best. Im begging you, the song "You and Me" is my boyfriend's and i's "song". you know how it is...young love!

Thank You so Much
sorry this has nothing to do with your post, but how did you get that effect/coloring on your picture? did you use photoshop?

thanks so much♥